• "Thanks again guys for offering a world class holiday camp that nurtures and extends the kids at the same time. The whole culture of Camp Blue is beautiful and the vibe of the kids reflects the caring and grounded attitude of the staff."

  • "Cashel loves Camp Blue, she feels very comfortable and I think is a mix of knowing the people, process and activities, as well as feeling like it is just a great environment...She loves Camp Blue and really wants to go each holiday time!"

  • "My daughter had an absolute blast last week and from my perspective, it was so well organised which is a credit to the team. You could tell the staff were having just as much fun as the kids which made for a fantastic environment. I was over the moon with Camp Blue and we'll definitely be re-enrolling each school holidays!

  • "Havana and Monty had a blast last week as always. I don't have any comments or suggestions other than keep doing what you are doing. It is very reassuring as a working parent to know that the kids are engaged in a camp that actually thinks about what will make them happy".

  • "This is my saving grace for school holidays so I can work like crazy for a week. You are always so super organised. Even with the parking dilemma this camp you still made it a fun time with the kids hooraying whoever was called for pickup in the lane. We all left with big smiles on our faces. Well done guys – you are doing a super job and are efficient to the max!"

  • "Loved the counsellor inclusion.  India's in touch via Instagram, email and message with the girls and has enjoyed posting a couple of the photos you put up.  She's raved to her friends and any adult who has asked how she enjoyed camp the response is 'it was awesome'!"

  • "Madi  came back absolutely shattered and raved about the whole experience. I am glad that she had such a great time and wants to do it all again – no pressure. You are all still amazing and I can’t stop telling people what a great organisation you are. Thanks for making school holidays fun!

  • "I was a little nervous to start with, however I have a lot of trust in Camp Blue and I loved the photos on Facebook. It was great experience and Caitlin had a ball. Everything was planned well, lots if information beforehand helped me prepare Caitlin and I. I loved the checklist!"

  • "The overall experience was fantastic, and the level of maturity and professionalism is much appreciated.  It remains our favourite camp by far, and we look forward to the continued growth of the camp and participation by our children."

  • "Just a huge fan – think Bella has been about 9 times now. Bella has never once complained about going and looks forward to it every single holidays. There were tears when she didn’t think she would get in the January weeks so we were very pleased when additional spaces became available."

  • "Fantastic, this was our first time at Camp Blue and our daughter has not stopped talking about it. An absolute blessing for working parents....Abig thankyou to the whole team on a great week for our daughter, we will definitely be back and Georgia will be telling her friends! THANKYOU"

  • "As a Primary School class teacher I appreciate when something special happens in a child and when they are switched on/motivated or something stirs inside them: well Mylo had that 'lightbulb turning on moment' with Basketball for the first time. I cant thank you Kate, Sam and those other inspirational camp blue team members enough.  He came home buzzing every day with what he had learnt in photography but particularly Basketball"

  • "Absolutely fantastic and I would recommend (and have done in the last couple of weeks) to everyone with children - we will definitely be back if we can get a spot for Holly. Thanks again for making it such a great and enjoyable first time experience."



How do we apply?

First-time families need to click on the APPLY NOW button on the bottom of the website and go through the process of completing the application. The application will take about 20 mins, however, once you have completed it all future applications are a simple update to your account.

Past Campers who have completed an application online previously.

  • Simply click on Parent Login which will direct you to your log in details (email and password).
  • Once in click on Camper application (Tree Icon).
  • Choose your camper you are enrolling.
  • Update and submit an application.
What hours does camp run?

Camp runs from 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday. The first activity of the day starts at 9:30am.

Can my child stay longer hours?

Facilities are available for your child to arrive at 8am and stay until 6pm. There is an additional fee of $8 per day for this service. Please indicate this requirement on your application form.

How much does camp cost?

Our NSW Camps are $138 per day or $645 for the entire week (subject to change). Manly Camp Special Add-on is an additional $50-$60 per week (full week enrolments only). For daily enrolments, there is a minimum 2-day booking.

We are approved as a Child Care Service Provider with the Australian Government, and therefore eligible families can claim the application fees under the new Child Care Subsidy system. Please contact us for more information.

Can my child still attend camp if they are not a student at the school camp is operating from?

Yes – you don’t need to be a student or affiliated with the school to be a camper.

What is the staff to camper ratio?

There will always be a minimum ratio of 1 Leader/Coach to 6 children. Each activity group will have no more than 12 children in it so your child will receive the individual attention they need to learn their skill. Our staff undergo extensive training prior to camp and this matched with our fantastic ability to draw in incredible personalities combined with a genuine love of children and teaching leads to a successful operation! You can’t beat our staff – they rock! Every staff member has extensive experience working with children and can’t wait for cam

Will my child be OK at camp if they don't know anyone else?

Yes! To us camp is not only about learning and having fun, but also making new friends. Our background is from USA camps where many children come to camp not knowing anyone. We place emphasis on all campers mingling and getting to know their fellow campers, and will do many activities throughout the week so your child can make new friends at camp.

What should my child bring to camp?

Your child should dress appropriately for the activities they will be doing and the weather on the day. They will need to bring morning tea everyday and lunch for Monday – Thursday. Afternoon tea is provided each day along with a BBQ lunch on the final Friday. A few weeks out from camp when your child’s activities are confirmed, you will be informed if you need to bring anything specific to an activity (ie, your child may want to bring their own racquet if they are participating in tennis, or will need swimmers and a towel if doing the swimming program).out the week so your child can make new friends at camp.

Can my child bring ipods/game consoles/mobile phones to camp?

Camp Blue is “Unplugged” – meaning we want campers to turn off from the day to day technology that is so readily available, and connect with the outside and the people around them. Electrical devices aren’t permitted at Camp Blue and will be held in the office if they are brought to camp. If children need to bring a mobile phone to and from camp, they may hand them into the office when they arrive and collect at the end of the day.

What happens if my child is sick or injured at camp?

All our staff are First Aid and CPR certified.  If your child receives any minor first aid treatment during the day you will be notified at the end of the day. If your child is sick or is in need of a doctor you will be notified straight away to arrange pick up.

What happens if it rains?

We have indoor facilities that every program can operate from if it does rain, so your child will still get the same great camp experience no matter what the weather.

What is Camp Little Blue?

This is the special camp we run for Kindergarten children. The activities are preset and the group will only have these younger children in it.

I have a question that is not listed – where can I get an answer?

If you were unable to find the answer you were looking for, please email us or call our office on 02 9400 9413