Tips for Flying with Children for the Holidays

Are you flying interstate or overseas with the children these holidays? Then I have two words for you…be prepared! Getting ready for a family trip can feel overwhelming with so many last-minute tasks. We’ve got you covered with our handy travel tips to save you time and help keep you organised. Check out these tips […]

Find Free Street Libraries in Your Neighbourhood

Have you noticed a growing trend sweeping across Australian streets? Free street libraries are popping up in cities and towns across the nation. This has encouraged neighbourhoods to come together and bond over books. Who would have thought? Street libraries are homes to books that people have read and wish to share them with others. […]

Five Activities to Keep Your Family Active

According to the World Health Organization, kids between the ages of five and 17 years need 60 minutes of physical activity a day. But only a third of Aussie kids are meeting this recommendation. So how can we inspire you to keep your family active, especially now as the weather warms up? Physical activity helps […]

What is relational aggression and what can we do about it?

Relational aggression is a form of bullying. The insidious nature of relational aggression makes it one of the biggest challenges facing parents and the wider school community. What exactly is relational aggression? Psychologists more commonly refer to it as “bitchiness” or “mean girl” behaviour. It’s like an emotional slap to the face focused on damaging […]

How to cultivate emotional intelligence

Emotions underpin everything we say and do. They are important cues to the world and people around us that help guide decisions and build relationships. However, many of us are shown and told that emotions are not OK. When we are sad, we are told that we will get over it. Or we are told […]

Meet one of Camp Blue’s Founders – Sam Bell

Hi, I’m Sam and my job is to support all of the fabulous Camp Blue people that deliver the programs to our campers.  Oh, and of course, I pay the bills and this keeps everyone happy. For six years, I managed summer camps for Camp USA in the USA.  Summer camps in the USA are […]

Meet Camp Blue Director – Alice Hunter

I’m Alice, I am the Camp Blue Director. I worked my first camp as a counsellor in 2015 and came on board full-time with our swim school (Bell Leisure) in April 2016. For the past few years, I have been working across all the programs at Bell Leisure: Big Blue Swimming, Camp Blue Day Camp, […]

Meet Camp Blue Director – Kate Horvat

My name is Kate Horvat and I am the Melbourne Camp Blue Director.  I’ve been with Camp Blue for just over three years and I started as a camp counsellor. As a counsellor, I had the fun task of teaching a variety of sports for our campers. Last year, I took on the busy role […]

How to deal with your child’s unwanted contact online

Socialising online can be a great way for children to build friendships, but it can also put them at risk such as unwanted contact. Unwanted contact is any type of online communication that your child finds unpleasant or confronting, or further that leads them into a situation where they might do something they regret. This [...]

What To Do When Your Child Wants to Quit Their Sport

It’s not uncommon for children to go through a phase of wanting to quit a sport they previously loved. This can come as a shock to some parents and leave them confused about how to re-engage their child back into the sport, or if they even should. More often than not, it is far more [...]