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Our Camp Blue Directors LOVE camp! That is why they do what they do. Each day you will find them out amongst the daily activities teaching, helping, singing, tying shoelaces and enjoying getting to know the campers. Although their job is ‘serious’, camp is as much their playground as it is the campers!


Sam Bell

Job at Camp – Director
Favourite Meal – A cheese platter!
Favourite Activity – Swimming in warm water or snow skiing!
Favourite Saying – “This is a repeat after me song”
Favourite Song – Free Fallin – Tom Petty
Why do you love camp? – I fell in love with ’camp’ when I said goodbye to my very first session of campers back in, well lets just say, a while back. After they left and I had a chance to reflect on the 2 weeks I just had, I realised what an incredible experience it was for the kids and just as amazing for me! It's a place where we all learn something new everyday, where we can be ourselves, and where fun and growth go hand in hand.

Jon Bell

Job at Camp – Everything behind the scenes!
Favourite Meal – A great piece of steak!
Favourite Activity – Swimming/body surfing.
Favourite Saying – “I know what time it is on the street”
Favourite Song – Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
Why do you love camp? – I love to see kids having fun and learning independence in a safe environment.



 Cal Blyth 


Job at Camp – Manly Camp Manager
Favourite Meal – I can't look past a nice steak!
Favourite Activity – Rugby Union, pretending to shred on a board, and Guitar!
Favourite Saying –  "Classic Cal"
Favourite Song – Hurricane – Bob Dylan
Why do you love camp? – It's a place that is constantly buzzing! The atmosphere and sense of enjoyment by kids and staff is like no other place.






Duncan MacRae Duncan

Job at CampMelbourne Camp Manager
Favourite Meal
My Grandma's spaghetti
Favourite Activity
Walks with my Beagle - Baxter
Favourite Saying
"You can't ride in my Little Red Wagon"
Favourite Song
Let it be - The Beatles
Why do you love camp?
Because being whacky, wearing tie-dye, and greeting people with a high-five is all in the job description. It's a place that's always a hive of energy, where everyone, kids and counsellors alike, are having a blast trying new things and making new friends!






Alice Hunter                                                                                                                                                         


Alice Camp Website


Job at Camp – North Sydney Camp Manager 
Favourite Meal –  
Favourite Activity – 
Favourite Saying – 
Do you know what I mean? 
Favourite Song – 
Johnny Clegg - Dela 
Why do you love camp? - 
Because camp proves that you are never too old to have fun and where else is it socially acceptable to laugh until you cry on a consistent basis.