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Kindy - Year 8 (must be enrolled in Kindy at a minimum)


8:30am - 5pm (early drop-off 8-8:30am and late pick-up 5-6pm options available)


270-276 Pittwater Road, Manly











We have between 15-20 activities to choose from each camp, with campers selecting 4 activities to make up their daily schedule. Your child participates in what they actually want to do!

With an extremely low staff ratio of 1:6, your child will receive hands-on, guided learning by industry professionals who are carefully hand picked, friendly, fun, and entertaining. All of them hold current Working With Children Checks and are First Aid/CPR qualified.

We understand that the most important thing to a child is to have fun at camp, so you can be assured that while your camper is learning and developing their skills, they will also be having a blast! We’ve also got plenty of additional camp games, songs and skits to ensure every child leaves every day exhausted. That’s what makes Camp Blue unique. 

LITTLE BLUE PROGRAM (children in Kindy year of schooling)

We run a specialised program for Kindy where activities are pre-set so they can get a taste of everything we offer. Schedules will be emailed to families the week prior to camp starting.

Manly Specialty Program - Open to Year 3 and above

For our older campers, it is more specialised, with those in Year 3 and above choosing 2 specialities to participate in. Specialities can include activities such as surfing, skateboarding, scootering, parkour, drama, dance, drawing and music (these activities are subject to season and interest). All of these activities will be taught by qualified staff from local businesses and some will be taken off site. In the afternoon campers will choose 2 of their own activities, with options such as cooking, arts & crafts, Makerspace, a range of sports plus much more!

Attendance for this speciality program is for a full week enrolment only. 


We offer a return bus service from North Sydney during Manly Camp. This service enables families closer to the city and train lines an opportunity to come and experience Camp Blue Manly. This comes at a charge of $10 return per day of use. The bus departs our North Sydney bus stop at 8:15 am and returns between 5:30 pm and 5:45 pm.


January 2018 Holidays 
Wk 1: Mon 8th - Fri 12th
Wk 2: Mon 15th - Fri 15th 

April 2018 Holidays
Wk 1: Mon 16th - Fri 20th
Wk 2: Mon 23rd - Fri 27th (Week 2 of camp will only be a 4-day camp due to the public holiday on Wednesday 25th April) 

July 2018 Holidays
Wk 1: Mon 9th - Fri 13th 
Wk 2: Mon 16th - Fri - 20th
October 2018 Holidays
Wk 1: Tues 2nd - Fri 5th (Week 2 of camp will only be a 4-day camp due to the public holiday on Monday 1st October) 
Wk 2: Mon 8th - Fri 12th 




Camp Blue is a fully accredited program, so families (if eligible) are entitled to CCB/CCR payments


Full week enrolment 

$645 (up to 50% rebate depending on circumstances)

Sibling discount

$50 per child (5-day full week bookings only)

Daily enrolments

$138 (minimum 2-day booking)








Please see below sample schedule:



9:30am - Activity 1/Specialty 1

11am - Morning Tea

11:30am - Activity 2/Specialty 2

1pm - Lunch                

2pm - Activity 3

3pm - Activity 4




Arts and Crafts

Every day will be different in this staple camp activity. The activity will be tailored to your child’s age and ability level, and your child will come away with some creative art pieces to be proudly displayed at home.


If you have never played before, if you are in Chess Club at school, or if you just enjoy playing then this is the activity for you. Campers will learn the basic rules of the game, or for the more advanced, new strategies and moves will be taught and learned.

Creative Writing

Does your child have a penchant for day dreaming and thinking imaginatively? Why not harness this and expose them to some creative writing! Students will learn how to structure stories, plays and poems and transfer their imagination to the page.


Let your child channel their creative outlet by participating in drama at camp. This activity will recognise the unique qualities of every child and focus on discovering his/her creative self. Our counselors will focus on a range of emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, cooperation, humour and embracing differences. Only full week campers will participate in a performance at the end of the week.


Kids love taking photos and we’ll show them not only how to take them and use the camera and its settings properly, but also what to do with the photos once they are taken. You will see their photographs and be amazed at the results!


Calling all potential movie stars and "gleeks". This fantastic activity caters to all your child's singing and dancing needs. Participants will film a music video during the course of the week to play to the whole camp and parents on the Friday. A must activitiy for all of those who love to sing, dance, dress up and be in front of a camera! This is for full week campers only.


The dance program will incorporate a number of dance mediums to give even a seasoned dancer a chance to enhance and develop their skills. The class will focus on a routine/s that will be performed on the final day of camp to the rest of the campers and staff.

Beach Games

This activity will incorporate a broad range of fun games at the beach - cricket, touch footy, beach volleyball, races and challenges!


Your child will improve their basketball skills with their Coach teaching and helping them practice all facets of this team sport. The Coach will cater to your child’s level and aim to strengthen their skills over the week, while re-iterating the rules of the game and importance of team work.


Your child will be coached in the finer skills of soccer. Whether they play regularly, or they are just learning, the Coach will cater to their level and strengthen their skills over the week. Your child will also learn about the importance of team work while learning soccer.

Touch Football

Does your child love football? Touch is a great way for both girls and boys to learn the fundamental skills of football focusing on ball skills as well as speed and agility. Expert coaches will cater to the needs of every skill and strength level.

Art/Science/Environment (ASE)

For all those budding adventurists out there! The program will not only develop your child as an individual and enhance their team work, it will also teach them some basic outdoor living skills, incorporating craft and environmental factors.

Book Club

For all of those who love nothing more than to read a good book. This activity will consist of some quiet reading time with your camper's favourite book. Activitiy leaders will also create mini Spelling Bee competitions with words from their books during parts of the sessions.


Children love cooking and Camp Blue offers the opportunity for campers to learn some fun new recipes. They will also be educated in healthy living and how food plays a part in this. Our cooking classes will take home their creations from the day and campers are given recipes to re-create these tasty dishes at home!

kgc cooking logo

Our cooking program is proudly run and implemented by Head Chef Joanne Bowskill from Get Kids Cooking-

Physics & Engineering (P&E)

If you camper loves to build things, then this is the activity for them! Using a range of basic wooden materials, campers will construct all kinds of objects throughout the course of the week. This is offered to full week campers only.

Double Dutch

This is a great fun actviity for all those skippers out there! Campers will be taught new tricks with skipping ropes as well as well as come up with great routines to peform to the group.

Street Dance

Is funking out a part of your day? Get into hip hop with us! Hip campers will learn a routine even the best So You Think Can Dance stars would be enviable of!


No matter what skill level your child is at, our expert coach will help them learn and love tennis. Even beginners will benefit from this program which concentrates on all the key skills of the game.

Rock Pool Swim

We head down to Queenscliff Rock Pool for a supervised free swim. This is a great spot to wash the hot weather away and get in the salt water. All swimmers are supervised by suitably qualified staff members.

Beach Cricket

It's the Cricket Season and what better way to learn and love the game than to play it at the Beach...





Do you see the world as your playground? Then this is the activity for you! Stunt Gym at Brookvale will put you through your paces in Parkour - learn how to combine running, jumping, climbing, and other methods of catching yourself, grabbing and hanging, rolling and balancing in this awesome activity!

Musical Theatre

Do you enjoy Drama? Dance? Singing? Acting? Musical Theatre is the activity for you then! Throughout the week you will work on a performance piece to show on the final day. Taught by a Musical Theatre specialist, you will be sure to have a blast in this activity!

Rock Climbing

The Northern Beaches Rock house in Brookvale will have you literally climbing the walls. With beginner walls to the most expert you can find. Challenge yourself and find your inner climber, and if your not a climber yet, you will be after this activity!


With Bricks 4 Kidz you can experience Jr. Robotics and Advanced Robotics workshops! Build a motorised model and watch it come to life using simple LEGO® & WeDo® software.

Rock Band

Ever wanted to be in a Rock Band? Take a crash course in drums, guitar, bass, keyboard and singing to find your instrument and form a band of your own. Don’t play an instrument…no problem. Already play an instrument…bring it along! Rock on!

Skateboarding / Scootering

The guys at Skater HQ Manly will have you covered with our specialised Camp Blue program. All equipment provided, but if you have your own then even better! Whether you choose to scooter or skateboard this activity will have you learning new tips and tricks so you will be zooming or boarding everywhere like a pro!


Working with White Collar Boxing in Brookvale the classes are non-contact and structured to give the Kids a fun workout, learn to work as a team, learn the basics of self-defense and build confidence. Great for GIRLS and BOYS!

**Our activities are reviewed for each holiday period and may be subject to change without notice.