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Q. How old do I have to be to go to camp?

A. You have to be between 5 years old and 14 years old. Activity groups are mixed with some being age defined.

Q. What activities can I do at camp?

A. Check out the program page to see what activities are being offered at the camp you want to go to. Some activities may not be available at every camp so just double check with us to see whats on offer. Camp is a great time to try something new!

campers-faqsQ. Can I choose what activities I want to do at camp?

A. Yes! On your application form you rate from 1 - 7 what activities you would like to do. We will do our best to make sure you get your higher preferences (based on availability).

Q. Can I do the same activities as my friend?

A. We will do our best to put you in the same activities as your friends. Make sure mum or dad complete the questions on the application form so we have the information we need to make this happen. Depending on the activity it might not always be possible, but we'll do our best!

Q. What if I don't know anyone at camp?

A.The amazing thing about camp is the new friends you will make. Even if you go to camp with friends from school you will meet a bunch of new people, and these people will become your 'camp friends' who you can look forward to spending your holidays with.

Q. How can Mum and Dad see what I do at camp each day?

A. A webpage for your week at camp will be set up and you and your parents will be the only ones who will have access to it. This page will be updated everyday with photos and news of what has happened at camp that day. Most of this will be done by the kids that are in the digital photography/e-journalism program!

Q. What about food at camp?

A. We provide yummy snacks for afternoon tea to keep your energy up and also water throughout the day. You'll need to bring your morning tea and lunch to camp everyday except the last day where we have a big BBQ sausage sizzle for lunch!

Q. I've never done an activity before, can I try it at camp?

A. That's part of the fun of camp - trying something new! You can pick any activity to do at camp - just make sure Mum and Dad tell us that you haven't done it before on your application form so we know this.

Q. Can I bring ipods/game consoles/mobile phones to camp?

A. Camp Blue is "Unplugged" - meaning we want you to turn off from technology that you use each day and instead, make new friends and connect with the outdoors! Electrical devices aren't allowed at Camp Blue and will be held in the office if they are brought to camp. If you need to bring a mobile phone to and from camp, you can hand it into the office when you arrive and collect at the end of the day.


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