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3-girls-cookingCamp is fun. Camp Blue Never loses sight of that.

But if it is only fun then we are missing an opportunity for hands on life education. We believe camp should provide a lot more than just fun and excitement.

It should be formative, challenging and rewarding; a compassionate safe haven that stimulates the imagination, motivates children to embrace new experiences, develop a stronger sense of self and make their own critical choices within healthy boundaries; camp should be a place that inspires solidarity while fostering independence and personal accomplishments.

Fun is used and directed here to develop a sense of community and confidence, a balance of learning and cooperation. 

Camp Blue is a premier day camp for girls and boys in Sydney, NSW. We're also just about to open the doors to a new program in Melbourne, Victoria. We offer a rich variety of activities and experiences designed to stimulate the imagination and challenge the skills of kids age 5 to 15. Structured but not regimented, the Camp Blue program reflects Camp Blue’s philosophy of giving young people an opportunity for growth outside of the classroom and to experience a fun-filled environment where they feel physically and emotionally safe.

surfboard-girlOur diverse program offers opportunities in aquatics, sports, creative arts, and outdoor programming, and instils a sense of achievement through goal oriented programming. Weekly campers also take part in all camp programs such as secret buddy and special events.

The Camp Blue experience is also very much about the spontaneous enthusiasm and flexibility of our staff who help campers stretch their imagination, learn to respect individual differences and develop an appreciation for their environment.

This is not vacation care – this is an experience that will stay with your child for a lifetime. Your child will come away from a week at camp having made new friends, skilled in a variety of activities and sports, being exhausted from the fun they have had, and begging you to sign them up for the next holidays!